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12 Days of Christmas Gifts

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

12 Gift Ideas that will support you or your loved ones with their Rehab at home and encourage arm function this Christmas and into the New Year. All links below are for Smile Amazon, shopping through Amazon smile allows you to buy your gifts whilst also raising money for your favourite charities, this year why not choose The Stroke Association. Check out our daily blog as we share gift ideas with you in the run up to Christmas.

12. Jenga,

On the eleventh day of Christmas.........The Rubik's snake makes a great stocking filler and also supports your Rehab at home.

On the Tenth day of Christmas.........Addict a Ball!! A great toy for upper limb Rehab although may get a little frustrating at times, but hey nothing worth having ever came easy. Keep up the hard work.

Available in 2 sizes




Cards can be played with in many ways. This activity works your wrist and forearm and finger dexterity as well as your patience.

With only one week to go until Christmas Day......who wouldn't love to find a Rubik's cube in their stocking!!

On the seventh day of Christmas.....a chess board, great to keep up your rehab whilst sharing time with the ones close to you.


Family games such as Ludo are fun and interactive. For a real challenge, using the smaller travel Ludo works your fine pincer grip.


We have shared this great gift before as part of our 'my functional Friday' posts on our social media platforms, but we will share it again as it is such a great rehab tool.

On the fourth day of Christmas.......Travel Solitaire - Some people may have experienced the 9 hole peg test used as a way of assessing hand dexterity by clinicians. This is a great way of practicing with repetition but that also challenges your problem solving.

3. Christmas stocking filler idea......

The Fidget Dodecagon- This great gadget enables a range of functional hand activities from a switch, slides, buttons and dials. A built in elastic band is also hand for resistance finger exercise.

On the second day of Christmas.....neuro rehab practice treated its clients to @BlazePod.Uk !! A fun, competitive and reactive neuro rehab tool. Follow us in the new year as we will be posting more upper and lower limb rehab xx

It's Christmas!!

The NeuroBall.......through engaging and repetitive practice, our clients have been training using the NeuroBall, resulting in an increased awareness of their affected arm and improved functional abilities in their lives.

Happy Christmas to everyone xx


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