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NeuroBall Assessment Centre

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The Neuro Rehab Practice has worked closely with Neurofenix to develop the NeuroBall. 
The NeuroBall is a device that is affordable, engaging and fun whilst aiding our clients to develop and strengthen new neurological pathways through repetition of practice.
Currently we are unable to support home based rehabilitation with the NeuroBall for any new clients due to the manufacturer Neurofenix now being based in the USA. Our NeuroBall clinic based service continues in our Hampton clinic
Neurofenix have a UK based Expression of Interest List - Link Here 

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The NeuroBall

Clinc based hand and arm rehabilitation that's engaging and fun through on-line activities and gaming.

Innovation - Creating The NeuroBall

The NeuroBall has been developed and designed by our close relationship with The Neurofenix Team and us at The Neuro Rehab Practice.

The NeuroBall has come from decades of experience from our clinicians, and most importantly from our wonderful clients. 

This collective work and extensive trials based at our clinic in Richmond-upon-Thames, London and within peoples homes have resulted in The NeuroBall, which we are all very proud of.

The NeuroBall enables repetitive arm training, essential for motor learning to support recovery following stroke and other neurological conditions. 


As clinicians, we are able to assess and advise our clients of their suitability for its use.

We can then encorporate the use of the NeuroBall in our clinic as part of a rehabilitation programme.

Our clinicians are then able to advise on progression, how to adapt the use of the NeuroBall and support a complete exercise package to maximise the benefit for an individuals therapy.

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