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Parkinson's Disease (PD)

How PD may affect you


Parkinson's Disease (PD) can affect people in a variety of different ways. PD can affect a single limb, the whole body, or one specific part of your body. It often presents symptoms which may include difficulties with stiffness, slowness of movement, a tremor in one or both hands, a reduction in facial movements and therefore expressions, loss of arm swing when walking, and either difficulty with starting or stopping walking. Many of these impairments will directly affect how someone is able to function during the day. These functional problems may include difficulties with walking, turning over in bed, slowing down or stopping in busy environments or near doorways, reduced balance, and many other physical symptoms.


Your Assessment


As a specialist team, we would initially assess your requirements and explore how Parkinson's Disease has affected you personally. We will then do a physical assessment which will identify what impairments have been caused by the PD and how this impacts on your personal functional abilities. During this assessment, we will make some measurements which we can use as a baseline to show how you present on that particular day. If treatment is then appropriate we can then use this baseline and compare it to a subsequent reassessment that will help identify measurable changes. Such measurements will include goal setting which is where you identify what you would specifically like to be able to work towards doing again.


Treatment Plan

Following the assessment process, we will discuss together with you to create a clear treatment plan. 

If appropriate, then further bookings can then be made for further treatment sessions.


Treatment Sessions

This may typically be through a variety of options, which may include direct hands on therapy, using external/internal cueing strategies or supports, postural management, strength training and a home exercise programme. Through this process, we may support with referrals onto other appropriate services such as for further medical investigations.

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