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"Richard Sealy is one of the most persuasive, determined and charming young men I've ever encountered"


"... an inspiration during my stroke recovery"

ANDREW MARR - Broadcaster/Journalist 

Andrew Marr Testimonial for Neuro Rehab
Richard Attenborough Testimonial for Neu
Richard Attenborough Testimonial for Neu

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FREE online TeleHealth NeuroPhysiotherapy advice for anyone with a newly diagnosed stroke or neurological diagnosis  

Clinicians Specialising in Neurological Conditions

Specialist Spasticity Clinicians

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Neurofenix Recognised Assessment Centre

Neurological Gait (Walking) Specialist Services

Saebo Recognised Assessment Centre

Neuro Pilates Trained Specialist Clinicians

Neuro Pilates Trained Specialist Clinicians

Neuro Pilates Trained Specialist Clinicians

Neuro Rehab Physiotherapists Providing On-Line Face-to-Face Neurological Rehabilitation

Local Specialist Neurological Rehabilitation – in Clinic or at Home

Stroke and other life changing neurological conditions impact on individuals, family members and their friends. Typically after such an event, health services are unable to provide the longer term specialist neurological rehabilitation support that can make such differences to individuals lives. 


At The Neuro Rehab Practice, we can offer this service at any stage of someones recovery. 


We bring the combined clinical experiences of greater than 100 years working within the healthcare sector.

Our team recognise the importance of client led rehabilitation with the focus on self management and goal setting by the individual and their families. Our supportive, specialist team can offer advice, guidance and the skills to maximise someone’s potential for independent recovery.


We have years of experience working with clients following stroke, multiple sclerosis (M.S), traumatic brain injury (TBI), Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and many other neurological diagnoses. We are able to identify and recognise typical patterns of recovery that are supported by current evidence and our own clinical experience.

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