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Tone Management and Spasticity Specialist Clinicians

Gait Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of walking is understandably one of the most requested aims within our client group


Goals may relate to:

- Functional Walking

- Increase Balance and Confidence

- Improve Walking Symmetry

- Falls and Trip Prevention

- Foot Drop Management

- Reduce Muscle Spasticity

73% of stroke survivors experience falls within the first year - Lancet 2012

Walking is an important goal for stroke survivors - Cochrane Stroke Group 2013

Treadmill Training

Within our Teddington based clinic, or in your local gym, we can use treadmills to aid with gait rehabilitation. We use cameras and gait motion software to analyse an individuals walking pattern which is really useful for feedback and education. 

The treadmill can help with modifying how someone walks whilst wearing insoles or external supports such as ankle foot orthoses (AFO's)

Functional Electrical Stimulation - FES

As part of an individuals walking rehabilitation, we can assess for FES. These stimulators can aid if someone has difficulty clearing their foot when walking or going upstairs. This can be very common after stroke or other neurological conditions due to weakness in muscles that lift the foot, or stiffness in the muscles that pull the foot down. 

The small electrical stimulator can aid by stimulating the nerves in your leg which then makes the muscle contract to lift the foot up

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