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Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

How MSA may affect you

Multiple System Atrophy is a rare progressive neurological condition that involves degeneration of nerve cells in multiple areas of the brain.  The symptoms can include problems with balance, posture, speech, movement, and autonomic functions such as blood pressure, and bladder control.  Often in the early stages, people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, as the symptoms are very similar, however, it is not until further on when other symptoms emerge that a change is diagnosis is made.  Having a diagnosis of MSA does not mean you will experience all the symptoms at once, which is why no one person present the same as another. 


Your Assessment

On your initial assessment, we look at how MSA affects you and your functional abilities.  We will help you set goals, that enable you to continue to participate in everyday tasks as well as leisure activities as much as possible.


Treatment Plan

After the initial assessment is complete, we look at a treatment plan that can best achieve your goals and slow down the secondary effects of MSA.  We look at how we can optimise your posture as well as your ability to move and perform certain tasks within a safe environment.  In addition, we continue to monitor your progress throughout your treatment and adapt your goals accordingly.


Treatment Sessions

With reference to the assessment and treatment plan, we tailor the person’s sessions accordingly.  Treatment sessions may include hands-on therapy, gait and transfer training, resistance training, balance activities, postural strengthening as well as providing information and support to family and carers.  We may also look at whether a person would benefit from other equipment or orthotics to assist in their recovery.  In addition to this we will make appropriate referrals on to other services or therapies e.g. for further medical investigations, or linking with local charities and support groups.

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